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Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM
For today's pathology market, RLK Associates have designed a tool for producing and analysing Pathology test prices and other workload indicators.Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM is an easy to use, pre-loaded Excel workbook containing lists of all the major tests and investigations for each discipline and specialty.  As well as clinical pathology the range of costing models has been expanded to include genetics, radiology, food, dairy and water microbiology testing.

Simple to populate, the models use pre-set interlinking formulae and calculate test prices with minimum effort.  The end result is that each model produces a comprehensive list of your tests and your prices as well as an analysis of your department’s performance.
The Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM is a unique opportunity to buy a market-first off-the-shelf Pathology costing model that you can easily populate and receive FREE advice from our experts.  You can also purchase the skills from RLK Associates to populate the model for you.

See the Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM in action and read more about the product by visiting our Download Centre.

RLK Associates offer various levels of service from training to use the Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM  to a complete consultancy service whereby our experts can populate the model for your organisation.The drive towards developing an understanding of costs in Pathology is gathering pace as new opportunities arise for developing services and income.    Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM provides a unique opportunity to own a tool that has been designed to produce meaningful test prices in a format that is easy to use and understand.  The programme is simple and powerful – it only needs to be populated once and updating it is very easy.  The models can be modified and altered as many times as you choose, adjusting as little or as much information as you want to without losing your test prices or performance indicators.Overheads, capital, service and maintenance can be included or excluded at the touch of a button.  Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM has been tested to ensure it meets the needs of all Pathology services enabling users to create models that can be populated and updated with minimal effort.

An opportunity not to be missed......

Includes all Clinical Pathology disciplines, Genetics, Radiology and Food, Dairy and Water testing
Simple to use workbook
Pre-loaded data
Pre-set formulae Inter-linking worksheets
Free illustrated User Manuals
Easy to update
Produces costing information fast
Single or multiple discipline-specific models available